Easy Minecraft Magma Cube Keychain

         In my opinion, one of the greatest creative video game of all time is the game Minecraft. The game itself presents its various worlds as pixelated blocks that form everything from wide open landscapes to dense jungles. These landscapes are full of animal life, some are docile, some are aggressive. One of these animals is called the Magma Cube, a seemingly harmless creature that can be found in the Nether. You can read more about Minecraft and Magma Cubes here. For whatever reason, this creature has become my favorite mob (as they're called in Minecraft) from the game. So when I thought of a way to make a Minecraft key chain, it just had to be a Magma Cube.

Materials Used
  • 1 Blank Red Die
  • 1 Standard Nail
  • 1 Key Chain Loop and Clasp
  • Gloss Black Spray-Paint
Tools Needed
  • Drill
  • 1/16" Drill Bit
  • Hammer
  • Computer/Printer
  • Painters Tape
  • Cardboard
  • Hot Glue Gun

         Begin by finding the center of your die. Draw two diagonal lines from each corner onto the side you wish to make the top of the key chain. This should look like an "X" across the surface. At the very center, drive a nail into the plastic using your hammer. Only insert the nail about 1/8". Use this hole as your start for the 1/16" drill bit. Drill straight down into the plastic approximately 1/2".

 After your hole has been drilled, clear out any leftover plastic shavings. Place two small squares of painter's tape for the Magma Cube's eyes.

Take your cardboard and fold it so you have a catch for any excess spray paint. Place your die on the cardboard and spray down all exposed sides with the paint. Wait for the first coat to dry, then flip the cube over and paint the base.

Make sure to let the paint dry all the way, or it will stick to the cardboard and mess up the paint.

Gently remove the painters tape from the die. Screw in the key chain loop into the drilled hole and attach the clasp.

Now for this next step I suggest that you use yellow model paint to paint the pupils in the eyes. Since I did not have any yellow paint at the time, I printed out the eyes on paper and glued them on using a hot glue gun.

Make sure to use a very small amount of glue if you choose this option. As you can see, I used too much on the left eye and it doesn't look nearly as good as the right. Here is the final product next to the paper Magma Cube I used as a guide.

Now all that's left is putting your Magma Cube on display for the world to see. I personally thought it looked great on my Batman lanyard alongside my keys.


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